The best of Creative Something 2018

Back in 2009 I started a tradition with this blog: at the end of each year I would look back through the posts for that year and find the ones that got the most attention—likes, comments, shares, and so on. I’d round-up the top posts and share them as a “best of” to help spark that creative fire in myself in preparation for the next year.

My hope is that by sharing these top posts, you too will be able to find some inspiration or motivation to bring more creativity into your life in the new year.

This year I continue the tradition, celebrating 10 years completed of writing here! Here are the top posts of Creative Something for 2018!

  1. Your perception of time influences your creativity

  2. Creativity isn’t something you become

  3. Your own personal creativity

  4. Why pursue creative ideas, even when you’re bound to be wrong

  5. Ideas are for sharing, not sheltering

  6. Why starting helps get us unstuck

  7. Why we so often look to art for creative inspiration

As always, you can see all posts from the blog in the archive page. Or explore best of posts from past years.