What pursuing your creative passion looks like

Ian Ruhter fell in love with photography when he was younger.

But as he grew older he began to tire of the same old cameras, the same old photography techniques, and the same old photos that everyone was taking. So he did something truly creative: he took his life savings and converted an old delivery truck into a giant, mobile camera.

Ian’s creation isn’t just a huge camera on wheels, it’s a modern take on a classic photo process called “wet plate collodion.”

The process requires a single plate, covered in silver nitrate, to be sensitized and then exposed and developed before the plate dries.

What makes Ian’s project even more incredible is that it costs him an average of $500 to make a single print, and he had to give up everything else he had to make the truck a reality. But Ian says it’s all worth it, because nobody else is doing what he’s doing and there isn’t anyone else who can do it like he has.

Ian saw something he was truly passionate about and came up with a creative idea to make it happen. The truck is one of the best examples of using creativity to pursue your life passion. While you don’t haveto give up your life savings to do something as monumental as Ian has, his example makes you wonder about what you would do for your own creative passion.

To quote Ian: “If you had been searching your whole life for something you love, and you found it, what would you be willing to sacrifice?”

Watch Ian’s SILVER & LIGHT video to hear more about his project. And follow Ian’s progress on Facebook.