What to do when the ideas stop coming


What do you do when you lose the motivation to create? When the ideas seemingly stop coming and any task feels like a burden?

You can give up, call it quits, and put off creating another day. But that will only make the situation worse, as a creative individual you need to create. And putting off anything only makes you fall behind.

So, what do you do?

You should relax, because your cognitive load may be overwhelmed from trying to think so hard. Take a short (timed) break from whatever it is you’re doing, five or ten or fifteen minutes should be enough. After your break, talk with another creator. See if they can’t help you with your task or if they can help point you to some positive inspiration. If you’re still not motivated and the ideas still aren’t flowing at this point, look for new motivation. The web is great for this. Sites like BehanceThought Catalog, and Vimeo, all have incredible work that is sure to motivate you.

If, after each of the above steps, the ideas still aren’t coming, you may just need to dive in, to overcome any excuse you can give yourself.

The ideas are all there in your mind, sometimes you just have to let them flow freely without worrying.

Photo by Pete Birkinshaw.