Find your creative muse

If you ever walk by a man sketching something in his notebook, chances are he will be drawing – or his sketchbook will include many drawings of – a woman.

Nothing surprising there. For thousands and thousands of years the male gender has found inspiration in the natural beauty of women. Just look at ancient greek statues, the majority of which are shaped like women.

Try to think of a single great artist – Picasso, Van Gogh, or even Dalí – and you are sure to find a woman (or women) behind a great number of their artworks.

In order to truly be creative you need to find motivation and a source of inspiration, or a muse. While your muse doesn’t have to be a woman, or even a person at all, having something that you can continuously look to for inspiration can be a powerful creativity tool.

Finding a muse isn’t hard if you don’t have one already. Simply walking down a crowded street or sitting in a cafe or visiting a museum is enough. When you become overwhelm with any type of emotion while observing an individual or object, you know you have found your muse.

Who, or what, is your creative muse?