Why you need power and a child-like mind


“The perfect state of creative bliss is having power (you are 50) and knowing nothing (you are 9). This assures an interesting and successful outcome.” – Tibor Kalman

Imagine a high‒powered executive of a large international business. At any time she is ruffling through hundreds of important documents, making world‒changing decisions, and managing hundreds of thousands of people.

Now imagine a child playing in a sandbox, free to create (or destroy) literally anything that his imagination can portray in his mind.

While the executive has a lot of power to control elements in their business, they don’t have much say when it comes to creativity and innovation (they can’t, they have a business to run after all).

Then the child, who is free to use their creativity in limitless ways, can’t actually create anything with the sand that would be useful (have you ever seen a functioning jet made from sand?).

You, realizing the difference between power and creativity, should be aiming for somewhere in the middle. Gain power, but never lose your child‒like wonder.

That’s something they won’t teach you in school.

Photo by D. Sharon Pruitt.