Opportunity and the modern cost of creation


If you’re one of the thousands of people reading this, then you are in a world of luck. You now have before you an opportunity that very few people, in any time before this generation, has ever had.

You have in front of you, right now, the tools and fortune to create something great.

It won’t be obvious at first, you may have to stumble over 10,000 other ideas to discover it, but what it will cost you to dive in today to pursuit of something truly great is practically zero. A bit of extra effort and a few long work days and you could inspire the world (or just the people you care about). With just a few hours of Googling and writing, you could write the next New York Times best-seller (or a hit indie ebook).

This generation of creators is the most fortunate in the history of all mankind to-date.

Brett Kelly elegantly summarizes the opportunity you have in his article Everything you need by saying:

“The tools you need to do great, amazing things are sitting right in front of you. You’re probably using the same tools to read these words. All you need is an idea and some elbow grease. You already have everything else. The distance between idea and execution has never been shorter.”

No excuses. Take the opportunity in, then get started. What you create doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be.

Illustration by Hugh MacLeod.