On ideas worth heartbeats

If you’re a creative you already know how this starts. We createto learn, to inspire, to be helpful to others, to change our lives (or that of those around us), to do something purposeful.

Our time is limited – for some more than others – and, just as important, the time of those our work touches, or inspires, or is read/seen/heard/felt by, are equally limited. There are projects we create simply to learn (through exploration or creative play). There are times when we create because it pays the bills or helps us build a profile. But we never create without purpose. Or, at least, we shouldn’t.

Which is why, when I read software architect and writer Paul Ford’s article 10 Timeframes I felt extremely propelled to share it.

Paul explains: “The time you spend is not your own…If we are going to ask people,…in the form of the things we make, to spend their heartbeats – if we are going to ask them to spend their heartbeats on us, on our ideas, how can we be sure, far more sure than we are now, that they spend those heartbeats wisely?”

There’s no time to waste. You should be using your creative abilities to make remarkable things. Your ideas don’t have to change the entire world, they just have to be worth the few heartbeats that will be expended creating and experiencing them.

Paul’s talk-slash-article is worth reading in full, right now. I highly recommend it for any creative individual. Here’s the link again, if you enjoy it as much as I did please share the link with a friend or co-worker today.

Photo by rosmary.