Three ways to get the most from your ideas

When an idea strikes the feeling you get is unlike any other. If you’re smart, you run to write down the idea or email it to yourself or tell a friend. If you’re really smart you’ll do just a little more the next time you get a creative idea. Here are a few ways to get the most from your next idea.

1. Doubt your idea.

We’re not talking about doubting the power, impact, or value of your idea. Instead, doubt that your idea is at a good point where you can leave it, where you can let it sit while you go about other business.

If you let an idea sit immediately, you’re likely to lose the original push or spark that prompted such creativity.

If you take an extra minute to question your ideas, to doubt them even artificially, you’ll find that the idea itself – and what can come from the idea – grows incredibly fast.

2. Share your idea.

How many times have you had a great idea that didn’t evolve into anything more than a memory? To really reap the benefits of a great idea, you should share it with friends, family, or others who you trust.

Not only does sharing your idea increase the likelihood of it developing into a reality, but by getting feedback, criticism, and additional ideas from somebody else your idea can become so much more than just a thought.

3. Act on your idea (right now).

If your idea really seems as great as you think, there should be nothing to prevent you from turning it into a reality right now.