Be more creative with Oflow app

There are countless ways to spur creativity. Throughout history certain methods for getting into a state of creative flow – where ideas seem to come from nowhere and you lose track of time – have been used by both the greatest minds in the world, and average thinkers.

Some of the methods are well-known, such as mind mapping and clever visualizations. Other methods, however, aren’t as obvious. Which is why having a wide arsenal of creative thinking methods at your disposal allows you to be more creative, guaranteed.

Say hello to Oflow.

With this new app for the iPhone, you can access these proven methods any time, any place. That’s more than 100 methods for getting into a state of creative flow, all accessible from your phone. You can track your favorite methods (mine include “creating crap,” “people watching,” and “reverse mind mapping”), save notes right from within the app, and even share any of the methods or any of your notes by email.

I’m launching this app today in the iTunes App Store, so if you have an iPhone and want to be more creative, download Oflow and let me know what you think.