Seth Godin explains the problem with creativity

Recently I stumbled upon an old podcast interview between two incredibly talented writers and creative thinkers: Seth Godin and Merlin Mann.

In the interview, Merlin gets Seth (who truly is one of the most inspirational people around today) to discuss creativity and that little thing that holds us back, which Seth refers to as “the lizard braind”.

What stands out in this interview is Seth’s explanation of the problem with creativity. Seth explains that we all are creative, the problem isn’t that we’re not creative. The problem, as Seth somewhat puts it, is that we don’t act on our ideas.

It’s too easy – and safe – to let our creativity slide. To think of an idea and then brush it aside saying things like “that will never work” or ”people will laugh at me.” The problem as Seth describes it (and as I see it as well) is that we don’t actively use our creativity.

These days the risk is so minimal that anyone can afford to do remarkable things. The worst thing that could happen is nobody notices!

So today, don’t sit around idly waiting or pushing aside your creative ideas. Get out there and show the world what you’ve got. You have so little to lose!

Don’t forget to listen to the full interview too, as there’s tons of wonderful insights inside.