The background

It’s not an act of some other-worldly force to come up with new, brilliant ideas. Anyone can do it.

You can implement creative thinking into your life even if you’re not an artist, or a photographer, or a dancer. With a little bit of work you can solve even the toughest problems, create something new and exciting, inspire those around you, and impress even yourself with your ideas.

You can even do it all without any inspiration (though inspiration certainly helps).

All of this is possible because it’s a natural trait humans share. In-fact, you’ve already done it. A good chunk of your life has been one creative idea after another.

Look at children, who run around on playgrounds designed to stimulate creative thinking. They don’t need directions or input on how to use the monkey bars or what games are worth playing. You, too, used to be that imaginative. Uninhibited. Creative. Remember playing imaginary games as a child? That was creative. Remember solving problems on your own as you grew up (or maybe with a little help)? Creativity. Or when you used to be so uncertain about a particular thing and then you figured it out (and maybe spent a good chunk of time wondering if your way was right or wrong, and then not caring)? Bam. Creativity.

You’ve always been creative. A little or a lot doesn’t matter, the potential for more has always been there.

Maybe you’ve been taught that creativity isn’t rewarding, or perhaps you’ve fallen into the trap of avoiding play in work. You could just be afraid of trying something new (it’s common). But those are all excuses. And creativity takes no excuses, so you’re better off remembering your creativity today.

Go out there and ignore the rules, forget what anyone’s said. Create now and critique later. You don’t have to do it to change the world (or even your life), just be creative today because it’s what you’ve always been doing in the background.

Photo by Mike.