What ideas are worth

Ideas are simple things, if you think about it.

They come like clouds, floating in from just below the mental horizon. Some ideas are big and leave a shadow over other thoughts, while some are small and easy to miss if you aren’t looking for them.

Everyone experiences ideas, it’s a natural process for our brains. Synapsis fire, chemical connections are made, and a mental impression is created. Seemingly uncontrollably, more often than not.

Because of the ubiquitous nature of ideas in each of our lives, what is the value of those ideas? A better question might be: what makes some ideas more valuable than others, if at all?

The answer is simple: ideas are worthless.

You likely don’t realize it, but there are hundreds or possibly thousands upon thousands of ideas occurring in your brain on a regular day.

Ideas come and go in moments of time too minute to even notice. Unless you’re paying particular attention to your thinking – such as moment when you’re brainstorming or meditating or conversing – your brain tends to file ideas away in a mental filing cabinet labeled “Unimportant for now.”

Ideas aren’t worth anything. It’s what we do when we notice an idea that matters. It’s the action you take with an idea that is valuable. Because, on a regular basis ideas aren’t all that original or rare. What is rare is the individual who acts on his or her ideas, who takes them and presents them to the world in some form or another.

If you want to get value from your ideas, you have to do something more with them apart from thinking them up.

“In the end it is those who derive consequences and seize the importance of the ideas, seeing their real value, who win the day.” – Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Photo by Martina Photography.