Five must-have creativity apps

Phones of today are changing the way we not only work and interact with one another, but also how we create and think.

If you have a smart phone you can do more today as a creative than ever thought possible. Brainstorm ideas in a group or individually, save thoughts and notebooks to all of your computers almost magically, bookmark inspiration and see it any time, and create works of art or your own inspiration instantly.

Here are five of my top creativity apps that I use daily.

  1. VSCO Cam

    There are a lot of photo manipulation apps for the iPhone, but VSCO Cam is by far my favorite. Use realistic photo-filters to create high-quality photos that your Instagram friends will admire. Great for taking quick snaps of inspiration and exporting them for creating moodboards.

  2. Oflow

    Full disclosure: I created Oflow, but I created it because I needed an app that could do what it does. Which is spur your creativity by giving you a random creative prompt when you use the app. It’s great for getting unstuck and brainstorming sessions, for those moments when you know you need to create but can’t find the inspiration to do so.

  3. Evernote

    When it comes to capturing ideas anywhere you are – at work, home, the gym, anywhere – Evernote is a must-have app. It syncs automatically between devices, so I can create a note on my iPhone while riding to work, review the note in the office, then make changes and take action when I get home. Evernote is extremely useful for one of the most important activities any creative can do: writing your ideas down.

  4. Pocket

    When you’re browsing the web and find something inspirational that you want to read or watch later, you can use Pocket to save the article or video or blog post. Then you can use the Pocket website or free app to catch-up on all of the inspiration you bookmarked. Pocket is slick to use and a great way to keep track of inspirational reads.

  5. Adobe Ideas

    Sketching or drawing ideas is an exercise every creative should participate in regularly. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional artist or someone who can only draw stick figures, drawing helps you visualize your ideas. Adobe Ideas is an app that not only lets you draw your ideas on the go, but also helps you to fine-tune them and really build them out so you have detailed inspiration anywhere you go.