Finding inspiration anytime, any place

Creating is easy if you’re inspired. When the new ideas flow freely and you lose track of time, when you’re in a state of creative “flow.”

When the inspiration stops, the creating tends to stop too. So what can you do?

Inspiration is, of course, everywhere. But it’s easy to set yourself up to not see inspiration when you need it most. It’s common to constrain your focus too much, or to get yourself worked up into a stressful state where even good ideas seem bad. Losing inspiration to create like this makes it painful to think creatively.

Sometimes you have to simply acknowledge that you may need a break from creating. There are times when you feel as though you have to create, when in reality you simply need to rest.

Other times, however, you can find inspiration through a process of internal discovery.

Step away from whatever it is you’re trying to do and sit for a while. Take some time to merely think, not necessarily act or seek inspiration. Ask yourself a lot of questions and try not to worry about the answers. Ask: “What if my task was extremely large or impossibly small, how would that affect how I approach it?” and “What is something that has inspired me in the past that is completely unrelated to what it is I’m doing, how can I combine them?”

Take some time to explore your environment too. Look closely at every thing around you. Inspect the areas that you otherwise would overlook and see what inspires you there. Close your eyes and take in the sounds of where you are, listening closely to see what subtle noises could spur up ideas. Or feel the things around you and try to relate the physical touch to a non-tangible idea.

Meditation is another positive way to explore your internal inspiration. So often we get overwhelmed with our tasks and environment that we fail to notice thoughts that could help us solve our problem or move our work forward.

Inspiration is easy to find through exploration, but restricting yourself – even subconsciously – can make it hard. Turn to your internal thoughts and experiences to inspire yourself, without having to browse around the Internet or look to books or movies or anywhere else for a source.

Photo by AGeekMom.