10 of the greatest web sources for creative inspiration


Have you ever sat in front of a blank computer screen, or empty piece of paper, or a really white whiteboard, and wished you had some source of inspiration to help you with your creativity?

If you have ever taken an art class, or worked as a designer, or just tried creating something, you have - without a doubt - experienced creativity block (like writers block, only for creativity). I know I have, hundreds of times. But then I began to subscribe to creative websites I found online and I discovered that I could always find creative inspiration simply by viewing some of these crème de la crème websites.

Now I’d like to share with you my list about 10 of the best web sources for creative inspiration. I strongly recommend you not only visit and bookmark each of these websites, but also subscribe to their RSS feed and check for updates often.

1. Swissmiss is the blog of Swiss designer turned NYC designer, Tina Roth. Not only is Swissmiss one of my personal favorite blogs, Tina updates several times everyday with interesting and creative works of art or with out-of-the-ordinary content that is sure to inspire your creativity.

2. Springwise is simply an idea blog. The founders claim that Springwise is merely about helping entrepreneurs discover new business ideas, but I have found that every post on Springwise is great for fueling creativity and coming up with ideas that are not business-related.

3. Instructables provides people like me and you with the knowledge to create anything from anything. Whether it’s creating your own robot for less than $50, building the perfect paper airplane, or even constructing your own office furniture, Instructables has it all. Browsing around their archives is a great way to get inspired.

4. Core77 has got to be one of the biggest and best web sources for creative inspiration. With unbelievably helpful articles, tutorials, and guides, Core77 is - without a doubt - a creative blog that you NEED to be reading at least twice a week. Their Hack2School guide for design/art students is packed full of useful tidbits for all creatives.

5. You the Designer is aimed at designers, but provides inspirational articles on a regular basis for anyone in search of creative fuel. You the Designer also links to free creative resources (e.g. fonts, vector graphics, etc.) a lot of the time. So if you’re looking for creative design inspiration, or free stuff, You the Designer is a must-visit.

6. FFFFound is an image bookmarking website, where members of the site blog about images they find online. You have to be invited by someone who is already a member to bookmark your own images, but browsing what others have found is free, and incredibly inspiring. Note that some artwork shown on Ffffound may not be safe for viewing at work.

7. Signal vs. Noise is the inspirational blog of online business-software developer 37signals. Signal vs. Noise is one of the most professional-yet-laid-back blogs I have have read, and everything posted there is always worth taking a minute or two to read.

8. Tutorial Blog was one of the very first designer blogs I subscribed to. The blog provides creative design inspiration and articles, but is focused on tutorials for creative professionals. If you ever need a little bit of inspiration, Tutorial Blog is a good place to go. If you need unique design tutorials, Tutorial Blog is perfect.

9. Computerlove is a social network for creative talents, and a beautifully-simple source of creative inspiration. Featuring new and talented creative designers, students, and artists, Computerlove is guaranteed to inspire you.

10. Bauldoff is “a greeting of multifarious stimuli as observed by… author, Joe Bauldoff”. In other words: a superb source for creative inspiration through links, videos, and images of amazing design work, artwork, and all that jazz.

Get bookmarking!