Forgetting what you’ve been taught

Despite what you have been taught: there is not always a right way and a wrong way to everything. I’ve written about it before (look at sin 5), and for today’s motivation Monday I want to share a great tip by Behance about how what we are taught in schools about right and wrong answers is a creativity killer.

“Our years of formal schooling created habits that actually set us back when it comes to productivity and pushing ideas forward! While our instinct may be to live life as we were taught, we must consider the contrary.” states Behance on Breaking Schoolhouse Habits.

“Our instinct was to work towards the good grade, now it’s the paycheck. But… Nothing extraordinary is ever achieved through ordinary means. When your mentality has you working toward the next paycheck or the year-end bonus, you are less likely to invest effort in long-term goals. The great achievements that lie years ahead are often compromised for near-term rewards. Sometimes we must short-circuit ourselves and focus on the faint light at the end of the very long tunnel.”

So, while we are taught that there are often right and wrong ways to solve a problem, there are literally endless solutions. If we focus on simply getting a good grade - or a big paycheck - by finding results that are expected of us, we will never come up with anything truly great.

Forget what you’ve been taught in school, start thinking in a slightly “unorthodox” manner, and read more about today’s motivation Monday right here.