A creative challenge to change your perspective

Michael Michalko once wrote: “What… Copernicus [and] Darwin really achieved was not the discovery of a new theory, but a fertile new point of view.”

People often don’t understand that something as simple as a change of perspective has played a key factor in some of the world’s greatest discoveries. Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity, Freud’s psychological basis, and millions of other discoveries that have changed the world we live in are all thanks to their discoverers taking a new point of view.

The reason that changing your perspective introduces new - possibly brilliant - ideas is because our brains are designed to work by settling on a perspective based on first impressions and assumptions.

When we encounter a problem in our life - then solve it - we are more inclined to solve a similar problem the exact same way (regardless of whether it is, or is not, the best way); that’s just how our brains work.

Creative geniuses, however, know that there are often many, many, many different ways to solve a problem. Creative geniuses like Picasso and Mozart, Da Vinci and Walt Disney, all realized that there are a million ways to look at a problem, and as such, there are millions of solutions to problems; some solutions better than others.

When you take the time to change your perspective (and believe me: it’s not that time consuming) you are bound to discover new ideas or ways of solving a problem; and it is a certain that some of those new ideas or solutions will be creatively brilliant.

Don’t just take my word for it: try it out for yourself with a creative challenge from Creative Something: do something upside down today. Paint upside down, design a website upside down, take pictures, do your homework, or write a story, upside down. I’m not talking about physically turning yourself onto your head, but I mean do the work upside down.

I challenge you to hold your camera upside down today, write letters on paper upside down, try to view a problem from an upside down angle.

A change of perspective will introduce new ideas to you, and you are guaranteed to be surprised with what you discover.