Six things you need in order to be creative

A lot of these things are fairly straightforward. Yet, it’s so easy to forget each of the elements we need to think differently about our problems, our work, our dreams, and our lives.

Today I am keenly aware with exactly how valuable it is to be reminded of this stuff repeatedly.

  1. You need to experience a lot of things in order to build up a cache of knowledge in your life.
  2. You need to explore the world around you (physically and mentally) and have real adventures.
  3. You need to be open to outcomes and especially to being wrong, failing, or temporary pain (which Nassim Nicholas Taleb explains so elegantly in his book The Black Swan).
  4. You need to find time to relax and give your brain a break so it can sort things out without being pressured into set outcomes.
  5. You need to believe in yourself, what you’re doing, and what you’re capable of (which is always more than you feel).
  6. You need to get out there and do the work (sometimes it’s easy, most times it’s not).

Photo by Tommaso.