Building an inspirational environment for yourself

Your environment affects your thinking a lot more than you may realize.

Research has shown that even the smallest, seemingly unnoticeable things we encounter every day affect our ideas. Something you experience today, even subconsciously, will affect your creativity well into the future.

It’s our environment, more often than not, that causes sudden “sparks” of creative insight. If you’ve ever had an idea suddenly spark in your mind, with no explanation readily available, odds are that something you encountered earlier on was the source of isnpiration.

Too often we surround ourselves with things that are either uninspiring or unintentionally demeaning though.

We install the successes of others into our lives, through pictures and music and even furniture and clothing. We build up ecosystems that remind us of how far we have to go in order to feel accomplished and happy (which isn’t true anyway, happiness and success are never really that far).

In order to feel successful, why not try surrounding yourself with your own, past successes, big or small?

To truly feel creative, make sure that you are creating enough work to surround yourself with it, good or bad. Small reminders that you are a creative individual, even the smallest of them, can make the difference between a productive day, and a day feeling as though it was completed wasted.

Look to your environment now: is there enough around you to make you feel inspired and like a true creative?