Seeing what others don’t

A true creative genius can take a normal, everyday object, and make others see it in a new, more beautiful or intelligent way.

Cindy, or Cinnamon (as she is known to the online photography world), is a true creative genius; and because of that, Cindy is today’s motivation Monday.

Cinnamon has the talent of taking a picture of the most mundane, everyday item and making it into something extremely beautiful and inspiring. She can make practically anything look tasty, beautiful, warm, welcoming, cold, or inspiring. Cinnamon has a unique way of taking pictures that communicate feelings; even of the most boring things. A bowl of blueberries, for example, has never looked this tasty.

I have been a Flickr friend of Cinnamon for a while now, and I have never missed one of her photos. She has such a great way of viewing and representing the world in photographs, you can’t help but feel inspired by browsing through her Flickr profile.

Don’t just feel inspired by the amazing photos Cinnamon takes, try to feel motivated to view the world as she does, with intensity and a truly beautiful perspective.

Here are a few of my personal favorite photos from Cinnamon, to help get your creativity flowing: Morning fixLeafStillness of the morningSimplicityUntitled…in a car, and Emma’s perspective.

Go browse around all of Cinnamon’s photos sometime today. Open your eyes to a whole new perspective. And don’t forget that everything can be creative inspiration if you know not only where to look, but how to look.