How do you spark creativity?

Creativity is like fire: it can be difficult to start if you don’t know how.

Creativity is also like fire in the sense that one little spark has the potential to turn into something extremely enormous and powerful. All it takes is a little know-how to spark your creativity, and before you know it you will be overwhelmed with creativity. At least, that’s what we all hope for (it doesn’t happen like that all of the time).

Here are a few techniques you can use to help spark your creativity right now. For best results: try more than one technique, at the same time.

Open your mind and start believing just about anything. Creativity is all about new, unexplored ideas; and you can’t explore new ideas if your mind is closed to impossibilities. If you’re anything like me: you are often set on a specific belief or way of doing things, and that’s not good for creativity. Simply opening your mind to new ideas and beliefs, forgetting what you thought you knew, will help get a little spark going for your creativity.

Get active and create. Rather than procrastinating, jump right into getting creative. Don’t worry about the results right now, what you think about now and what your creativity will help you create are not going to be the same thing. A lot of the time creativity is not sparked because we stress about it or subconsciously procrastinate. Get active and your creativity will spark!

Do something that makes you feel creative, even if you wouldn’t typically consider it to be a creative activity. Play a game, draw, paint, write a poem, take pictures, anything that makes you feel creative. And don’t worry about the results, you don’t have to come up with something great or do something that will change the world. Just do anything that makes you feel creative. Your brain will get into the creative mode, and it will be easier to come up with remarkable ideas.

Take five minutes to absorb inspiration and then sit down and think about all of the inspiration. Whether you find your inspiration online, in product packaging, in books, or anywhere else, take five minutes to look at as many inspiring works or ideas as fast as you can. If what you look at is inspiring enough, your creativity will ignite almost instantly. And by setting a time limit for browsing inspiration, you force your mind to get back to creating, rather than just absorbing, ideas.

Run with one idea. All it takes to really spark your creativity is one idea. The one idea can be silly, unrealistic, world-changing, boring, exciting, pathetic, or anything in-between. Come up with an idea for something and then expand on that idea using a good old-fashioned pencil (or pen, if you prefer) and piece of paper.

Sparking your creativity is one of the hardest things to do, but with these techniques it will be a little easier to get things started.

And if you have any good techniques that you personally use to spark your creativity, feel free to share them in the comments.