This whole creativity thing is pretty amazing

There’s something absolutely incredible about being able to sit down and type out your thoughts. To have some nearly unexplainable chemical reactions in your brain turn into the movement of a pencil, or pen, or fingers on a keyboard, and see words begin to form from seemingly nothing.

That’s magic.

Actually, it’s not magic: it’s creation, and you do it every day. Even if you’re not a writer.

Have you ever considered this idea fully before? Whenever you sit down to draw, or sing, or get up to dance, or seek to solve a problem, or when you simply converse with someone, you’re creating something very real from almost nothing. You, and everyone around you, are in a constant state of transforming microscopic chemical processes into art, and poetry, and emails, and conversations, and music, and products, and everything between.

Today, as you work or write or create – whatever it is you do today – take some time to realize exactly what it is you’re doing. That you’re taking intangible, nearly indescribable reactions between chemicals in your brain and making something you (and the world) can see or touch or hear or taste or experience.

Whether the results are big or small, the process is amazing.