Are you recognizing your creativity?


There are many people who believe that, in order to be creative you need to be artistic.

If you are not an artist or designer you may find yourself occasionally thinking: “I’ll leave the creative stuff to the creative people; I’m just not creative, or as creative.”

“According to scientists, who for the past 20 years have put the elusive subject of creativity through the rigors of research, you’d be wrong. Da Vinci you may never be, but when it comes to creativity, we all possess the tools necessary to expand our creative horizons. It’s learning to use them, and then applying them in everything you do, that counts (Source: Creativity Portal).”

Everyone (yes, even you) has creative abilities, but creativity is different for everybody.

For some people creativity is cleaning up their bedroom closet or rearranging their work area, for others creativity is designing a website or painting a mural.

Recognizing where you are creative can help you understand your true creative potential (as well as where you can improve on your creativity). And if you are able to recognize your creative potential, you will be able to easily be creative in more aspects of your life.

How do you find your creativity?

By asking yourself some simple questions you can easily identify your personal creativity. Questions such as: what are some situations that I feel sensitive about? When do I feel like I am accomplishing many things without pushing myself too hard? When are most of the things I accomplish unique? What problems do I enjoy solving?

The answers to those questions will help you recognize the areas of your life where you are most creative. Don’t be surprised if you have a lot of different answers, that just means you are an extremely creative person.

If you only have one or two answers for the questions above, you are still a creative person and have just as much creative abilities as anyone else!

Whether it’s finding the fastest way to a destination, taking interesting photos, working at your job, designing a logo, doing homework, cleaning your room, hanging fun with friends, or pretty much anything else you may do in your life, you are using your creativity.

It doesn’t matter if you are an artist or not: you are creative. Now get out there and discover your true creative potential, it’s definitely there.

Original photo by Zara J.