How ideas are like maps


Thinking about an idea is a lot like looking down at a map. Ideas are, after-all, more of an overhead perspective of a landscape than anything.

Some ideas look frightfully big, almost intimidating with the number of seemingly deep valleys and long, complicated hills. Other ideas may look small and easy, the type you instantly feel you could conquer in person. And just like maps, ideas come with all sorts of legends and information that help you figure out if it’s some place you’d really like to go.

But you can’t get a real feel for what a map represents until you explore it physically. The same is true for ideas, which need to be explored in the real world where you can experience them as a whole and not just a flat picture.

Some ideas will look great on paper but be terribly uncomfortable to deal with in person. Some ideas will look scary and intimidating at first, but when you start to actually walk around them you’ll realize what they represent isn’t so bad.

The only way to really tell if an idea is as magnificent as it looks from that far-off, overhead perspective you have in your head is to walk around it on foot. So let’s go exploring today.