Five valuable ways to produce more ideas

Coming up with ideas isn’t always easy. Even creative geniuses like Einstein, Picasso, and Edison found it difficult to always produce ideas.

However, the best creative geniuses knew that the more ideas you produce, the more likely you are to discover a successful and remarkable idea, so they found a few things to help them produce more ideas over time.

Here are a few of the absolute best techniques that creative geniuses use to produce more ideas.

While one of these techniques is sure to help you, using more than one or two of the techniques is a good way to guarantee that you produce more ideas.

Set a daily idea quota. Sometimes the only thing keeping you from creating new ideas is determination. Setting a goal for yourself everyday to think up a certain amount of ideas (good or bad, it doesn’t matter) is a great way to actively pursue ideas, rather than waiting for ideas to naturally come to you. You could also setup a reward for yourself every time you reach your daily quota (treat yourself to a nice bowl of ice cream or slice of cake).

Dedicate half an hour every day to creative thinking. The best way to reach your daily idea quota? Dedicate a few minutes every day to creative thinking. Even if you work as a creative professional, your day is probably full of non-creative thinking. If you focus on creative thinking for as little as half an hour everyday, you are giving the creative parts of your brain enough work to keep the creativity flowing for hours. Ideas will come easier when your mind has been trained to create them.

Take risks. You can set a daily idea quota, and dedicate time out of your day for creative thinking, but if you are not willing to take risks with your thoughts, you are better off not trying to produce creative ideas at all. Get in the mind frame of taking risks, act on ideas that may seem crazy or stupid, spend a little bit of money (if you can) on investing in an idea, do the impossible without worrying. No great idea has ever been achieved by avoiding risks.

Read about creative thinking techniques. There are a LOT of creative thinking techniques out there, which means there are a lot of ways for you to produce more creative ideas. Read more about creative thinking techniques until you find three or four techniques that work really well for you. A great resource for some of the creative techniques I use can be found at Michael Michalko’s website.

Overwhelm yourself with inspiration. When you have some free time in your day, and you desperately need new ideas, a great technique you can try is creative overloading. Many famous painters have used this technique for producing more ideas, and it works. All you do is take a few minutes to fill your brain with inspiration. Read articles online without stopping, look at several famous paintings in only a minute, or browse online for inspiration. Do this until you feel completely overwhelmed with inspiration, then empty that inspiration out onto a piece of paper, or into your idea notebook.

With these five techniques, coming up with ideas is easier than ever. Of course, the first step to producing more ideas is to start trying, so what are you waiting for?