Yes! Your creativity is what the world needs


For a long time I believed – as I think many of us are taught – that creative geniuses were special.

It’s such a common belief that to be someone who solves problems with creativity, you have to be exceptional at what you do. Or the belief that if you want to be an artist you have to be born with an artists mind, that’s a fallacy too.

Really, artists and creative geniuses, successful entrepreneurs, famous writers, all of the people you looked up to and still do, they are all exactly like you when it comes to creativity.

We all have this innate fear of failure which usually scares us away from creativity. Or we’ve been brainwashed through education or upbringing that thinking differently about the world or technology or art or anything is wrong and leads to failure.

Sometimes creativity does lead to failure. But without creative failures we wouldn’t have computers, or lightbulbs, or telephones, or cars, or all of the possible ingredients to make your favorite kind of dessert.

Without creativity, the world would be nothing. There would be no vacations to the opposite side of a country or even the world if the guys and gals who came up with the idea of a functional airplane were too afraid to pursue their “crazy” ideas.

This is really what I want you to take away from this article today: without creativity, the world we know and live in today wouldn’t exist. But more importantly: without your creativity, the world doesn’t have a chance at moving forward.

You and any creative genius who has ever walked this planet are the same in that you have a brain between your ears and you have ideas, probably a lot of ideas. The difference between you and them is that they take action, they make things happen, in spite of fear or pain or failure or public humiliation.

The world needs your creativity, now more than ever. We need you to step up to the plate and help us come up with alternative fuel sources, or a way to make my commute less than an hour. We need you to create, to inspire.

Right now, starting today, you are going to change the world. And you’re going to do it easily. The world needs you to stop being afraid of your ideas, of doing things differently. We need you to start embracing your creativity any way you know how.

If you need ideas on where to start, there’s resources for that. There’s over 260 articles right here on this website that can help you. There’s an entire archive called the internet that has billions of tips, ideas, insights, and motivational pieces to help you along your journey. No excuses, we need you. And it doesn’t have to be hard. Start small by changing little things about your day. The way you think about your work, or the way you think about how you spend the rest of your time.

Be creative, think differently, help us change the world into what it needs to be. Only you can do that. And the best part is: it won’t kill you.

Start now. Make things happen. I don’t care what you do with your creativity, just start now.

Photo by Dierk Schaefer.