Creativity is not all about changing the world or pushing boundaries.

It’s not centered on breaking the status quo or creating some timeless invention. There are no desperate leaps towards some great future. New ideas are not sought merely for the sake of having new ideas. Good ideas are not the result of escaping routine.

No, if you were to ask any true creative – the artist, singer, dancer, poet, sculptor, programmer, writer, video game maker, whatever – what drives them to be creative, they would not describe their tireless pursuit of perfection or some vision of escaping “the norm”.

Instead, they would tell you of their passion for doing.

That’s what creative thinking is really about. It’s doing what you love, because you love it. It’s an inherent curiosity about the world, ideas, and the very act of doing.

To truly be creative (in any field, for anyone) you have to be passionately curious. Enough to stay up all night to find solutions to a problem, or to give every spare minute of your day to finishing a project whether it’s right or wrong, or to stand tall in the face of the daunting status quo and shout “Just watch me!”