Where inspiration fails us

Inspiration makes us feel good.

Whether we’re reading stories about success, browsing the internet for designs or illustrations or photos, chatting with someone who inspires us, or reading tips, advice, or insights from blogs, inspiration is something we all seek, and often too.

Yet, for all of the inspiration we consume daily, how much of it actually spurs us to take action, to take that good feeling of being inspired and do something with it?

While discovering things that inspire you is undoubtedly great and useful for forming new, creative ideas, if you’re not doing anything with the inspiration you find then you’re wasting your time.

If you’re reading this right now in hopes of being inspired, that’s good – that’s why I write – but don’t expect to become more creative just by writing this. It takes work to be more creative, and simply reading this isn’t going to cut it. Rather, you have to take what you read and do something with it, preferably the moment you stop reading (or looking, or writing, or talking, or anything).

So the next time you set out in search of inspiration for that next project you’re working on, the next blog post you’re going to write, the next work of art you’re going to make, your next book, or whatever, ask yourself: are you searching for inspiration as a true motivator to do something, or are you looking for inspiration just to put off doing the work that needs to be done?