The Career guide for creative people

It is definitely not easy finding a career that satisfies both your creative and financial needs.

For creative people like you and me, finding that perfect job seems like an impossible task.

If you are one of the very few who have found a job that lets you fully indulge your creative side, while still paying the bills, then congratulations! But, if you are like most creative people, that dream job seems to be nothing more than a dream.

Or is it? There may be a great resource for creative people to help them find their perfect job, I’m talking about today’s subject of motivation: the Career Guide for Creative and Unconventional People.

This four–and–a–half star, best-selling career book is perfect for any creative person who is looking for that perfect job and not finding it.

An excerpt about the book on states: “You don’t have to stifle your creative impulses to pay the bills. For anyone who’s ever been told, ‘Don’t quit your day job,’ career counselor Carol Eikleberry is here to say, 'Pursue your dreams!’ Now in its third edition, her inspiring guide provides knowledgeable career guidance, real–life success stories, and eye–opening self–evaluation tools to help artistic individuals figure out how to remain different, unconventional, and hard–to–categorize while finding work they love.”

With a cheap, $5–$10 price tag, and 30+ positive reader reviews, The Career Guide for Creative and Unconventional People looks like a great, inspirational read for anyone considering a creative, out of the ordinary, job.

You can get the book right here.