The creative power of drawing ideas

What do the words “creative idea” mean to you?

No matter how you put it, a creative idea is nothing more than an idea, a thought in your head.

Taking your ideas and making them into something more than just thoughts can be a daunting task for some people, but - in actuality - making your ideas a reality is as easy as drawing them out.

Drawing your ideas out isn’t just the first step to making your ideas real, there are a lot of things it can do for you…

Drawing will help you visualize your thoughts. Visual thinking genius (and author) Dan Roam once said: “By drawing… we will see otherwise invisible aspects and potential solutions [to problems will] emerge.” As human beings, we’re visual creatures, and until you can visually see your ideas in front of you, you won’t be able to accurately see potential problems (and solutions).

Drawing will inspire you. When you start to sketch out your ideas, the lines and shapes that start to form on the paper will help your mind visually see connections that can form new ideas. If you want to be inspired by drawings before you sit down and draw yourself, take a look at these sketches by Cultured Code for their new iPhone application.

Drawing will get you organized. Ideas often seem simple and easy when they’re in your head, but when you start getting those ideas onto paper they can seem overwhelming. Drawing your ideas - and all of the aspects of those ideas - on paper makes it easier for you to organize your ideas and all of the parts of each idea. Even if your sketches are all over the place and not drawn in a Picasso fashion, just having something you can physically touch and see will get you organized.

Drawing your ideas out means you can visualize them, rather than just imagine them. You can also organize your ideas and be inspired by drawing.

Of course, there are more benefits to drawing your ideas, but it’s up to you to determine what those other benefits are.