The best of Creative Something 2012

For the last five years – as of January 1st, 2013 – I’ve been exploring what it means to be creative and how to get more of it in our lives.

During the year 2012, nearly half a million people joined in that exploration here on Creative Something. There were a lot of big discoveries, and even more little ones, but through it all we pursued creative thinking, explored neurology, dove into creative psychology, and got ourselves motivated to create and think outside the box.

As we approach a new year of exploration and creative insights I wanted to take a minute to first thank everyone who has supported this website over the last five years. Whether you subscribed, shared a post on Twitter or Facebook, or told your friends or colleagues about Creative Something, thank you.

A tradition I’ve held since I first started blogging here is to go over the past year’s best posts. It’s a great way to get caught-up if you’ve missed out on anything, and it’s a good reminder of what we’ve covered too. So, without further ado, here’s what was on Creative Something during 2012. Enjoy.

1. Creativity takes no excuses.

A good reminder that there are no excuses for being stale with your ideas and work. Creativity really requires effort, and there’s nothing – time, lack of knowledge, creative block – that should stand in your way.

2. The psychology behind people believing they aren’t creative.

If you ask the question “Who is an artist?” to a room full of children, nearly every one of them will raise their hand. However, if you ask a room full of adults the very same question, you’d be lucky to get one or two raising their hand. Why is that? This post explores the psychology behind it.

3. How to be a successful creative.

What is it that successful creatives do that unsuccessful ones don’t? This fun, concise graphic explains a very important aspect you need to know in order to live a successful creative life.

4. 10 things nobody told you about being creative.

A superb, illustrated list of creative advice from artist and writer Austin Kleon. His list of ten things he wish he had been told when he was younger is sound insight for anyone pursuing creativity today.

5. The best place to find creative ideas.

The only pie chart you’ll need to look at in order to learn about where the best creative ideas come from.

6. Creating isn’t easy, try not to forget.

A powerful article that reminds us: creating isn’t as widely attributed to success because it does take work. When creatives forget that important tidbit, it yields lower-quality work. But when it’s remembered… wonderful things happen.

So that’s it for 2012. Thanks again for reading. Posting will resume in 2013.