How to not get weighed down by ideas

While our brains are capable of absolutely remarkable feats, we still only have limited space reserved for everything we do or think up or imagine.

Try, for example, imagining a perfect circle in front of you right now. Don’t stop reading though, just imagine a circle however you want, sitting in front of your face. While imagining that circle and continuing to read this, also imagine the face of a friend, then try to list all of the things you have to get done tomorrow.

Trying to imagine such a myriad of different things is difficult and more often than not: impossible. For anyone, thinking of many different things at once is a burden on the mind; it’s reallyimportant to remember that fact.

Whenever you have an idea on your mind – whenever a new, creative idea pops up – that idea or thought takes up precious space in your brain. Over time all of the different things you have to do, all of the ideas you want to try out, all of the puzzles and problems you are working to solve, they get pushed around and stored in different areas of your mind, but usually ideas and thoughts get thrown out, without you knowing it.

The best way to help control the weight of ideas in your mind is also the most effective way to ensure that your good ideas down get thrown out automatically: write your ideas down.

By writing your ideas down you’re not only freeing up space in your mind for everything else you have to think about, you also ensure that you won’t forget the idea (whether it’s good or bad) and you are taking an abstract thought and bringing it into the real, physical world where you can see it, hear it, and play with it freely.

Do yourself a favor and don’t let your brain get bogged down with all of the ideas floating around in your head. Write your ideas down, all of the time. It will help clear up some of the clutter and give you a truly valuable resource for referring to down the road.

If you haven’t been writing down your ideas before, right now is the perfect time to start. And you don’t need a fancy journal to do it either.