Finding inspiration in your environment

Can the world around you inspire your creativity?

For husband and wife Walter Martin and Paloma Muñoz, the environments they have surrounded themselves with over the past few years have not only impacted their creative imagination, their surroundings have helped inspire their own creative niche.

You may have seen the work of Martin & Muñoz without even knowing it. You may have read one of their incredible interviews in The New York Times, or The Pen Leaf, or ARTnews and been inspired immediately.

What exactly do Martin & Muñoz produce? They sculpt and arrange miniature scenes in snow globes.

In their interview with The New York Times, Ms Muñoz talked about house hunting and how the area around their home inspired them, she stated: “…we walked in and saw the snow and the stream running through it, the trees all covered in ice and dripping with icicles, and we fell in love.”

The article continues, “From that visceral encounter and associations deep-frozen in memory emerged the artists’ work: chilly scenes of an existential winter complemented by large–scale photomontages. A kitschy souvenir is reborn as both a sphere of ideas and responses to the global present.”

Finding creative inspiration may be as easy as looking out your window. For Martin & Muñoz looking out their front window into the landscape of Spain or walking through the snow covered streets of Pennsylvania has not only inspired them, it has allowed them to be featured in hundreds of newspapers, magazines, online websites, and art galleries across the globe.

There is no greater inspiration to creativity than the world around us. Nobody can create color schemes as beautifully as nature herself. Nothing can shape lines and curves like the Earth can.

The next time you need some creative inspiration, take a minute to look at the environment that surrounds you. Everything you need for a great idea is right there.