Training your brain for creativity

Do you realize that all of your life you have been trained?

When you were younger you were likely trained to learn a language, to speak, to clean up after yourself. Companies that produce fast food, computer technology, and running shoes train us to think of them first when we feel hungry, need a new phone, or want to pickup a new hobby.

Not only do outside forces train us to react a certain way in specific situations, but we train ourselves regularly too.

You trained yourself to get out of bed every morning, or to watch what you say around a certain person, or to get a job done when it needs to be done. Training makes our lives a little bit easier because it lessens the amount of time we have to spend preparing, thinking, and sometimes even acting.

As it turns out: we can train our brains easily too. We can even train our brains to be creative!

The more creative exercises we participate in regularly – solving soduku or cross‒word puzzles, drawing, writing, etc. – the more our brain will be trained to think creatively.

When you sit around watching TV all day or reading books or staring out the window you are only training your brain to be passive, to go with the flow of things, to not create. But when you actively pursue creative activities you are training your brain to think… to really think.

The more you train your brain to be in “creation” mode, the more ideas you will come up with day after day. It’s not science, it’s just fact.

What have you created today? What creative exercises have you done to train your mind to think creatively? If you haven’t done anything creative today yet, now is the time to start. Go!