Favorite TED stories on creativity

Creativity can be a viral thing.

It’s when you start to feel a little buzzing in your head after hearing the story of someone’s creative success. When you hear a new song or see a new work of art or when you’re in the room the moment someone encounters something truly creative. Simply encountering one story of creativity can spark a motivation in you, a result of our human desire to better our abilities.

Today let the creativity story others have to tell inspire you. Starting with this video from Elizabeth Gilbert on Your Elusive Creative Genius.

Then follow it up with some of my other favorite TED talks on creativity: Elizabeth Gilbert on Nurturing CreativityThe Fringe Benefits of Failure by J.K. Rowling, David Kelley on How to Build Your Creative Confidence4 Lessons in Creativity by Julie Berstein, and Do What You Love by Gary Vaynerchuk.