Today, everyday

In any experience, if you are sensitive enough to see it, there will be something someone says, or two things that line up in a certain way, or the light hitting something as it does, and you will find that one small gesture contains the full essence of the thing, and then you can throw away everything else and just keep the gesture, which is like the jeweled nucleus that is small and sparkly, reflecting back the rest of the thing in its many glassy facets.

That is a quote directly from a remarkable project by creative thinker and inventor, Jonathan Harris.

The project, aptly titled Today, is more personal than public, at least in its purpose. Since August 27th, 2009, Jonathan has been taking a photo every day and uploading it to his website. Each photo is accompanied by a brief story or description.

Why should you care about the day–to–day adventures of a seemingly random guy?

You’ll have to start at the beginning of the project to really get a feel for the valuable story that is unwinding on Jonathan’s project. What appears to start as a personal journal quickly evolves into an inspirational story of creativity, the meaning of life, lost love, and ultimately finding value in every day things.

Take my word for it: this project isn’t just a series of photos and captions, it’s an evaluation of things that the average person would overlook.

Jonathan doesn’t simply see a log sitting in the middle of a dried up lake bed, instead he sees an arrow positioned by destiny, pointing him in the direction he should go. The things Jonathan encounters, like the repetitive symbol of the Owl, aren’t just events, they’re meaningful in the most peculiar ways.

After browsing through every photo in the project you will quickly come to see that how Jonathan sees the world is much different than an average person. His creativity and imagination are incredible tools that he uses to find purpose in even the most mundane things. His descriptions of events and how he relates them to wider things are at the very least inspiring.

Head over to Today and look for yourself, but be warned: you will find creative inspiration there. You will be changed.