Think your creativity can grow, and it will

Can your attitude really impact your creative growth? According to new research: attitude is everything.

As The New York Times Online recently published, your attitude and mindset can affect your creative potential dramatically. In-fact: only people who feel like they can grow (creatively) ever do.

As the NYT article begins: “Why do some people reach their creative potential in business while other equally talented peers don’t? After three decades of painstaking research, the [sic] Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck believes that the answer to the puzzle lies in how people think about intelligence and talent.”

Your attitude towards your own talents and abilities impacts your growth. If you believe that you can grow creatively, you will. However, feeling like you can’t grow in a certain way means you won’t.

The article continues to go in-depth with Scott Forstall, the senior vice president of Apple that was in charge of hiring people to develop the iPhone software. In the article Forstall states that “he wanted people who valued stretching themselves over being king of their particular hill.” Judging by the success and positive response of Apple’s iPhone, Forstall made the right move by only hiring people who were open to personal growth.

Take a minute to look at your own attitude right now. Are you open to growth or do you feel like you have reached a level that you will never be able to surpass? Do you think that it’s easy to change that attitude? Or if you feel that you don’t have potential to grow, is it worth changing that feeling?

In one opinion, if you want to be truly successful – if you want your creativity to really grow – you need to be open to the idea that you can grow in the first place.

You can continue reading the article about how being open to growth means you will grow at The New York Times right here.