What happened to Aha!?

Remember that great idea you had last Fall, just before the trees became naked and you locked yourself inside your home for the winter? What happened to that idea?

You were doing something not very important and then that idea suddenly struck you. “Aha!”, you exclaimed. You convinced yourself that it was a remarkable idea, an idea that would surely change the world. The more you thought about that idea, the better it became. You practically danced at the thought of how great that idea was.

You must have spent at least a good, solid hour thinking about the potential of that idea.

Who could blame you? That idea, that one you had last Fall, is brilliant!

Err, it was a brilliant idea, anyway. But something happened to that idea. Work or family or friends or other projects got in the way and you very quickly forgot about how great that idea was. Sure, you still think about it from time to time, but it’s just not the same.

What happened to that idea?

More importantly: what happened to that feeling you had when the moment of “Aha!” occurred? That brief moment when that old idea and the problem it solved occurred to you felt incredibly good, didn’t it? So what happened to that feeling of sudden inspiration? The trees are about to grow new leaves and it’s been months since you thought about that idea and the moment it occurred. How can you get that feeling back?