What makes a genius

A genius is a genius not because of their clothes,
Not because of their parents or the size of their nose.
Not because of the place that they like to call home,
A genius isn’t a genius because of what’s in their dome.

A genius is a genius not because of their IQ,
Not because of their talents or what their friends do.
Not because they have money, or a lab, or a bed,
A genius is the person who just thinks with their head.

A genius is a genius because of what they can do,
Like having lots of ideas, much more than me or you.
And trying and trying even though they might fail,
A genius solve problems, no matter the scale.

A genius is someone who thinks quite a lot,
They are someone who regularly has a new thought.
They like to ask questions again and again,
And a genius is someone who often likes to pretend.

So if you were to ask what makes someone so smart,
The answer is always that they just have a lot of heart.
They love what they do and they care quite a lot.
To be a real genius remember that it takes all you’ve got,
But it’s not who you are and it’s not who you’re not.
No, the thing that can make you a genius today,
Is believing in yourself, and getting out there to play.

Illustration by Frits Ahlefeldt-Laurvig.