How to find a pig that flies

There’s irony in the fact that this is a blog about creativity and yet I find myself constantly looking for creative things to write about. You might imagine that being creative would make it easier to find things worth writing on a blog about creativity, but it doesn’t.

Have you ever tried looking for creativity? Creative inspiration is all around us, but sitting down and trying to find creativity is like trying to find a pig that can fly; which, as I am about to explain, is sometimes difficult to do, but not impossible.

The phrase “when pigs fly” is - as you probably know - a sly way of saying “that’s never gonna happen”. Pigs don’t have wings, so it only makes sense that they can’t fly.

How, then, would it be possible to find a flying pig if pigs can’t - for a fact - fly? How would it be possible to search for, and always find creativity?

By adjust your thinking, that’s how.

Sure, pigs do not have wings, but from the creation of airplanes (and because ham sandwiches are often served as in-flight meals), pigs in-fact can fly.

A quick and simple change of thinking and we realize that everything and (almost) anything can fly these days with the help of an airplane.

So, if pigs can fly, does that mean it is possible to easily find creativity all of the time?