Today? Take the risk, explore the unknown

If you look up at the sky during a clear night, away from the hustle of the city and between sloping plains or deep valleys, you’ll see something truly incredible.

You’ll see more void and unexplored vastness than humans will ever be able to explore.

It would do no good to put a number on the amount of planets and solar systems, entire galaxies, that could be explored, as the number is so astronomically high it can’t even register in your brain.

But still, the space remains.

Here, in your every day life, there are vast spaces that remain to be explored as well. You don’t have to take a rocket ride into the black night in order to explore and discover entirely new concepts, creatures, and most importantly: stories. But exploration is dangerous and all signs – internal or otherwise – will tempt you away from exploring the void right in front of you.

When new students of zen meditation sit down to meditate for the first time every part of them goes against the meditation.

Their body tells them “I’m restless, let’s go go go!” while their mind tells them “I can’t stop to focus when there’s so much to think about!” and their heart (most important of all) tells them “We can’t waste time sitting here when there’s things we could be doing!”

Yet the best students sit, patiently exploring their thoughts despite everything telling them not to. Do you know what they find in all that meditation?

Peace, mindfulness, understanding, new ideas, everything you usually have to struggle to find, students of meditation find by sitting still.

Similarly, to explore any new idea or experience around you, everything will be telling you not to. All signs will point to the opposite direction. Today you should ignore all the signs. Explore the void that remains to be explored in your own life and discover the limitless creative potential that lies just beyond what you know right now and what you will know after exploring.

Today, be an explorer of the unknown, especially when everything points you away from doing so. You’ll be glad you did. But you have to start right now.