A unique view into creative minds with the Scribble Project


Lisa Currie is an artist and, more importantly, a scribble advocate.

When she was a child, Lisa’s father would take a marker to the freckles on her nose and play a game of connect-the-dots. Until one day he accidentally used a permanent marker, which meant Lisa had to go to school with a constellation outline on her face. At least, that’s the story Lisa tells as to why she loves scribbling so much.

Scribbling, as you should know, is an immensely powerful way to spur new ideas and explore creativity.

When you doodle/scribble (or free-write), you’re telling the critical part of your brain to hold-off on evaluating the value of your ideas. This results in a greater number of ideas in the long run. (If you’re ever stuck on a problem, try scribbling something.)

With her love for scribbling, Lisa started a unique project: she interviews artists by asking them to submit a custom scribbling of their thoughts for The Scribble Project. The result if this approach? Rare glimpses into the uninhibited minds of some truly creative individuals.

Be warned that some of the scribbles are not safe for work (or children), but overall the drawings are fun, quirky, and creatively inspiring.

Featured scribble by Elia Fernandez.