What we wish for

Important: As of early 2012 this project was shut down and is no longer available.

We share quite a number of things in common, you and I.

We both have brains that allow us to conceptualize and mold new ideas. We both have the ability to not only think but also feel. And we both wish for things from time to time.

We’re not alone in our desire to wish, however.

Around the world there are people wishing for things every day. What We Wish For is a collection of wishes from real people. From relationships and careers, to lost memories and celebrations, the wishes collected and presented on the website are surprisingly moving and just enough to potentially spur some creativity from within you.

Take a look and then ask yourself what you’ve been wishing for lately. How can you be creatively inspired by the wishes of others? Does what you regularly wish for coincide with your creative pursuits?

What are you wishing for?