Inspiring yourself

An interesting take on inspiration. Christina Empedocles, a very talented illustrator, painter, artist, and what have you, uses ‒ in essence ‒ her own work as inspiration for her paintings and illustrations.

You read that right.

Christina takes photos or printed material and folds it and pins it and throws it together in order to create stunning works of art. But she doesn’t stop there. After she has put the printed material together she will use it as inspiration for her paintings or illustrations.

It’s an interesting approach to inspiration, and one that you could easily try today.

Take something and mash it together, whether it’s photos or printed material or that TPS report your boss wants filed, and then use a completely different medium to translate what you created by mashing things together.

Creativity is, after all, working with the disconnects and relationships between the world around us (and the world in our heads). Relating two separate mediums in an odd way like this is remarkably powerful for creativity.

Be sure to take a look at all of Christina’s work here before the day is up.