Searching for new ideas in old places?

When you want to discover a new book, you go to the library or or ask a friend for a recommendation.

When you want new music you browse iTunes or Amazon or a local record shop. Breakfast? Either the kitchen or your favorite eatery. New pair of shoes? A good shoe store at the local mall. Camera? Electronics store, either online or in‒person.

But when you want to come up with creative, new ideas, where do you look?

The thing about new ideas is that you can’t find them in the usual places, there’s only old ideas there. You won’t find new ideas in the same places because looking there only reveals old ideas or old inspiration. Finding new ideas in old places isn’t true if you add a twist, of course, but the best way to discover new ideas is to look where you haven’t been.

If you want to discover new ideas, ideas that haven’t occurred to you yet, you should try looking in all of the places you haven’t looked, rather than going back to the places you’ve already been.

Where is somewhere you haven’t been looking for ideas? What if you looked there today?

Photo by Keith Williamson.