Want to be more confident with your creativity?

Ever hear the phrase: “I’m just not the creative type?” Or ever get the feeling that you might not be as creative as you’d like? That’s a sign of low creative confidence.

Creative confidence matters in the process, almost more than talents or abilities. As engineer and entrepreneur David Kelley explains in his TED talk from 2012, How to Build Creative Confidence“You just have to stick with it, and when you do we see amazing results.”

The reason we typically shy away from pursuing creative efforts? Fear of being judged. Of course, like any fear, building creative confidence is possible: you have to overcome it with small steps.

Kelley hints: “…we could take people who had the fear that they weren’t creative, and we could take them through a series of steps, kind of like a series of small successes, and they turn fear into familiarity, and they surprise themselves. That transformation is amazing.”

Catch the whole video for a great example of why confidence in your creativity matters so much.