Six ways to find more time for the work you love

  1. Schedule it in. Some days you may not get any time to do work on your craft, but there’s certainly a hole somewhere in your week where you can squeeze in 30 or 10 or even 5 minutes. Find that time and make it a priority to do the work.

  2. Focus on what needs to be done. Stop worrying about what everyone else is doing. You’re wasting time if you’re constantly in awe of other’s successes (or other’s lives in general). Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, those are all filed under this point. Every time you check those networks to see the successes of others is time that could be spent on building up your own. Turn off the computer or phone if you have to, if only for a few minutes, and get to work.

  3. Make your own inspiration. If you think the reason you aren’t working on your craft is because you don’t feel inspired, you’re about to be disappointed. Inspiration often comes from feeling energized, not necessarily from feeling creatively inspired. So make your own inspiration by diving into the work that needs to be done and stop spending time seeking out inspiration.

  4. Break it down into smaller projects. You may not have time for everything you need to do, but you certainly have a few minutes that can add-up to finish your work. Your steps could be as simple as gathering supplies one day, outlining a draft or sketch the next, and simply starting on another day.

  5. Ignore the excuses that pop up. There’s always going to be some type of excuse for fitting in what you want to do (vs what you think you need to. Seth Godin explains that these thoughts drift up from the recesses of our ancient “lizard brain.” You have to ignore them. Creativity takes no excuses (and neither should you).

  6. Just start. If you’re still reading this then you’re losing time that could be spent working. Go!

Photo by Janet Ramsden.