Combining what you love into creative work


Jessica Pettway is a student at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, and she’s done something simple yet .

While studying photography in her pursuit of fine art and editorial photography, Jessica got an idea to combine the things she loved – flowers, patterns, rich colors, friends and family– into a single project. Capturing a contemporary piece of human and nature interaction.

Jessica says:

“All of the subjects are my friends and family and most of the photographs shot in this project were taken in my dorm. I think it’s really interesting to combine the colors, textures and patterns of the different fabrics, skin tones and plants to create a photograph.”

The result of her combinatorial creativity? Work that you’ve likely not seen before. It’s a “Jessica original” approach. By combining the things she’s loved, Jessica creates intriguing works that satisfy both her creative passion and her pursuit of a creative life.


For more of her work, visit Jessica Pettway’s portfolio.

What if you combined the things you love into your own creative work? The results will be undoubtedly creative, but there’s going to be more than than just creative artwork.