Tips for selling your art online

Written by Calonie Johnson

Have you ever tried selling your work online?

If you’re a photographer, artist, or graphic designer, selling your work on the web means exposing it to a large, active audience, many times larger than if you were to simply frame your work at a small gallery or hang it in a cafe.

But the market for good creative work is saturated, it’s hard for novice photographers to succeed.

There are, however, a few ways to increase your odds of success as a digital seller:

  1. Offer variety. People like choices in both subject and style, varying your work increases the odds of someone purchasing one of your photos.
  2. Focus on popular sites. How much traffic a site gets depends on it’s popularity and tag/keyword targeting. Focus on big sites and you’ll have a lot of competition, but focus on small sites and you risk nobody ever seeing your photos anyway.
  3. Define your needs. There are some photo sites that offer vast customization and social networking, other sites are not as liberal. Figure out what features you want and have time for before you signup for any sales site.
  4. Price competitively, but fairly. Some shoppers will spend a lot, while others will want a bargain. Checking photo sites for the average prices other, top sellers use can help you find a good middle ground, but be fair to yourself, too.
  5. Consider self-hosting. By getting your own domain you cut out competition, but limit your marketing options and will have to pay fees (for hosting, payment processing, etc.). Though there are plenty of options for selling on your own, so it may be worth at least exploring.

If you’re selling digital artwork, consider the fact that you may want a site that prints and fulfills orders. Of course, also make sure to check sites for safety, security options and licensing/copyrighting terms.