The many mistakes of Einstein

Sure, he is considered to be a genius, but Einstein made a lot of mistakes in his time.

In–fact, the man who revolutionized the theory of general relativity and showed everyone why E=mc2 made quite a few mistakes that would have stopped anyone else in their tracks. From making multiple mistakes in his theories, to believing that the universe was static, Discover Magazine has a list of Einstein’s 23 biggest mistakes.

So how is it possible that a man that is well–known as an innovator could have made so many mistakes and still succeeded?

He never gave up. Einstein made hundreds of mistakes, (often in the same area even) but he knew that if he didn’t make mistakes, he wasn’t being creative. Without mistakes, there is no innovation. There is no way to be creative if you are afraid of making mistakes.

Don’t just take my word for it, go and read about some of the mistakes that Einstein made.

If you want to be creative, be prepared to make mistakes. A lot. If you want to just live your life without being creative or innovative, without truly living and experiencing life, then avoid mistakes at all costs.

Einstein made big mistakes and learned from them. You can too. Then again, maybe I’ve made a mistake in posting this.